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Hello Ralphie R

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Providing certainty during uncertain moments via virtual vet care appointments

Appointments ranging from $35 - $75

How does an online vet appointment work?

When you cannot make it to your regular vet, Hello Ralphie offers guidance on...

Zoom Option Dog

General pet care

Motion sickness



Weight loss

Minor scrapes

Behavioral changes

Ear discharge

Fleas & ticks

Nasal discharge



Food & Nutrition


Travel anxiety

Eye discharge

4 easy steps to access veterinary care online

Sign up and create a profile for your pet online or on our iOS app (don’t worry, it’s quick and easy)

Select an appointment type

Advice starting at $35
Medicine starting at $55 (when available based on your state)

Select the date, time, and veterinarian that fit your schedule

Join the appointment via our website or iOS app

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