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Month: September 2020

dog eating a treat

Red Bumps on Dog Paws

Written by Dr. Sam Parker, DVM Those dreaded, mysterious red bumps on a dog’s paw or between their toes! What the heck are those red bumps? How do you get rid of them? Dr. Parker, a vet from Hello Ralphie, discusses what those baffling bumps are and how to keep your dog from getting them. My Dog has Red Bumps on His Paw! I know that dog paw issues can be “ruff!” If a dog has irritated paws, there is little chance he will leave them alone. All the licking, biting, and chewing! It can drive anyone crazy.  So what exactly
cat in litter box

Why Do Cats Pee Outside the Litter Box?

Written by Dr. Sam Parker, DVM Cats peeing outside the litter box is a common issue that could be behavioral or medical. Read on, dear cat parent, and heed the Laws of the Litter Box… Well, the laws if your cat could write them! Dr. Parker, a vet with Hello Ralphie, reveals possible reasons why your cat may be peeing outside the litter box. Why is My Cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box? There are several medical reasons why your cat may urinate outside the litter box. When in doubt, veterinarians will run a urinalysis or urine culture to determine if it
chicken being held

Do Chickens Make Good Pets?

The popularity of keeping chickens as pets has skyrocketed in the last few years. Coronavirus, concerns regarding food scarcity, and heightened awareness of where one’s food comes from are just a few reasons that more people are turning toward backyard chickens as a way to keep busy and provide sustainable, affordable food sources. In this article, Dr. David Hannon, an avian veterinarian walks potential poultry owners through what breeds of poultry are available to own, what to expect regarding poultry behavior, and the medical care backyard birds need.  Can I Keep Chickens in My Backyard? Backyard birds can be allowed to roam

Fruits and Vegetables Safe for Dogs to Eat

It’s time to sit down for dinner. Napkin on lap, fork in hand, here comes the first bite. And there it is- that feeling of being watched with sad, soulful, begging eyes. The dog is begging for food again. Below, Dr. Parker, a vet with Hello Ralphie, gives a run-down of what fruits and vegetables are okay for pets, the best ways to prepare them, and what to avoid. Can My Dog Eat the Same Fruits and Vegetables as Me? You want to be able to share food with your pets (mealtime is family time, after all!) but know that we
dog looking up

Can I Give My Dog Aspirin?

Read on for expert advice from Dr. Parker, a Hello Ralphie online veterinarian. Is Aspirin Safe for Dogs? Giving a Dog Aspirin Can Lead to Other Serious Issues Please note, it is never safe to administer aspirin to cats- it can be lethal. It is important to always remember our pets are not fuzzy humans and that they have different ways they metabolize medication. It is always best to contact a vet if you think your dog or cat is in pain, instead of taking to your medicine cabinet.
cat sitting next to owner who is on computer

A Beginner’s Pet Insurance Guide

Pets are family. They relieve our stress, make us laugh, and comfort us in our times of need. It makes sense that pet parents want to protect their pets at all costs. But as pet healthcare prices continue to rise, pet parents are feeling the financial squeeze regarding veterinary bills. This beginner’s pet insurance guide is here to help! One way pet parents can reduce the cost of sudden or unexpected veterinary care is utilizing pet insurance.  When the Unexpected Happens Below is a picture of Caroline, the pet parent of two golden retrievers, Goose and Scout.  When Goose (left) got