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Day: March 25, 2021

cat in kitty litter looking up

How Often Should a Cat Poop?

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM While it may seem like a trivial topic, litter box behavior can tell you a lot about your cat’s health. As it turns out, cat owners should keep an eye on how often their cat poops. How Can We Help? To help you understand what is healthy and when you should be concerned, we are going to go over everything you need to know about your cat’s bowel movements. We will explain how often your cat should be pooping and what it could mean if they are going too frequently or not often
cat drooling

Why Does My Cat Drool?

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM If your cat has been drooling lately, there may be an underlying medical explanation for it. Scheduling an appointment with a Hello Ralphie veterinarian is one of the easiest ways to narrow down the cause. If the cause is a medical issue, an online vet can offer expert advice on it. To help you narrow down the cause of your cat’s drooling, we will be going over some common causes. If you suspect any of the issues discussed below apply to your cat, we encourage you to book a virtual vet appointment and
kitten development featured image

When Does a Kitten Become a Cat? – Everything You Need to Know About Kitten Development

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM If you have ever owned a kitten before, you have probably noticed how quickly they grow. In fact, by just six months of age, most kittens have already reached puberty and are nearing their full adult size. While you may assume that this rapid growth cycle means kittens become adults as soon as they reach half a year of age, nailing down a specific age is not so simple. In cats, adulthood is signified by physical milestones rather than reaching a specific age. Since kittens and adult cats have different dietary needs, many
dog shaking human's hand

How to Teach a Dog to Shake

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian After your dog has learned the basic commands, like sit, lay down, and stay, you can move towards more advanced tricks, like teaching your dog how to shake your hand or give a paw, as it is sometimes known, comes into play. Not only is the shake command a fun and satisfying trick, but it can also be really helpful when it comes time to clean your dog’s muddy paws or even trim nails. If you would like to teach your dog how to shake, we can help! We will start by
cat licking paw

How Much Should a Cat Weigh?

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian As with people, the average weight for cats can vary depending on their skeletal size and gender. On average, a healthy cat usually weighs between 7 and 14 pounds. In some cases, cats can weigh a little more than this or a little less, so it can be useful to schedule an online vet appointment through Hello Ralphie to determine if your cat is within a healthy weight range. During a Hello Ralphie virtual vet appointment, you and the vet can come up with a healthy nutrition and weight-management plan for your specific cat.
cat in kitty litter

How Often Should You Change Cat Litter? – Everything You Need to Know About Litter Box Management

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian If you have ever owned a cat, you have probably noticed how particular they can be. Cats are naturally very clean animals, which is why they are so picky about where they urinate and defecate. If a cat does not have a clean and sanitary place to go, it will find somewhere else, or worse, it will hold it, which leads to a variety of health issues. So, how often should you change your cat’s litter? If you want to keep your house clean and smelling fresh while also making sure that
cat lying on a pillow

What Can You Give a Cat for Pain?

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian Nobody wants their pet to be in pain, which is why we put together this useful guide to tell you how you can recognize if your cat is experiencing pain and explain what you can do to help. How Do I Know if My Cat is in Pain? Cats are often very stoic creatures and do not always show pain in obvious ways. If your cat is experiencing pain or discomfort, it may just seem more lethargic and move around much less than it usually does. A hunched back and arched posture
dog lying on the grass looking at the camera

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian After teaching a dog how to sit, stay, and lay down on command, the next movement most dog owners want to teach their furry friend is how to roll over. Even though it looks like a fairly complicated trick, roll over is a simple movement and command. If you are looking to teach your dog this cute and fun trick, we can help. We will explain when you should begin training your dog to roll over and go over some things you should keep in mind before you get started. From there,
trimming a corgi's nails

How to Trim Dog Nails That Are Overgrown

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian Trimming your dog’s overgrown nails can seem like a very daunting task. Luckily, our Hello Ralphie veterinarians can help simplify things and make the entire process less stressful for both you and your dog. When a dog’s nails grow out, the structures within the claw also grow. Each nail contains a collection of light pink-colored tissue, known as the quick. The quick contains blood vessels as well as a small but sensitive nerve. Ideally, when you trim your dog’s nails, you will avoid trimming them too short as doing so makes it
dogs touching noses

When Does a Dog Stop Growing?

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian One of the first things you will hear new dog owners mention about their recently acquired puppy is how quickly it is growing. It seems like one day your puppy is a cute little ball of fur, and the next day it has grown into an adult dog. If you are wondering when your dog will stop growing, you are not alone. Veterinarians find that growth-related questions are some of the most commonly asked during puppy checkups and vaccine appointments. If you have any specific questions about your puppy’s health, make a