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Month: April 2021

rat inside a rat house

Do Rats Make Good Pets?

If you’re a first-time pet owner or have a fondness for small creatures, a domesticated rat can make a great companion! Rats make good pets because they are not only low-maintenance and easy to handle, but rats are also affectionate and intelligent animals. For these reasons, more and more people are choosing to embrace these curious critters and have turned into true believers that rats do, indeed, make great pets. Rats are social and affectionate creatures These pocket-sized pets are very social and have a tendency to form strong bonds with their human family. If encouraged, rats enjoy resting on
a beagle eating a dog supplement

Probiotics vs Digestive Enzymes for Dogs – What Exactly Do You Need?

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from digestive issues, especially as they age, which is why maintaining a healthy digestive system is an essential component of your dog’s long-term health plan. While there is no substitute for a nutritious diet that consists of high-quality, breed-appropriate food, there are some beneficial and healthy supplements you can add to your dog’s diet to help them live a happy and healthy life. However, with so many different pet-specific supplements on the market, it can be somewhat difficult to know which ones will help your dog, even if you are only looking at supplements
human holding cat removing tick

How to Remove a Tick from a Cat

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Numerous species of ticks are found in North America, and each species can carry a unique set of diseases that can be spread to the host animal when the tick bites. Fortunately, cats are less susceptible than most other types of mammals to contracting most tick-borne diseases. However, if you find ticks on your cat, you must know how to remove them properly and safely. Talk to a vet online through Hello Ralphie, and one of our virtual veterinarians can talk you through the appropriate steps for safe tick removal! When removing a