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Month: June 2021

a long-haired guinea pig and a smiling child

Types of Guinea Pigs – From Classic American to Fluffy Teddy

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Guinea pigs tend to have calm and friendly demeanors, which partially explains why they are so often chosen as first pets for both children and adults alike. While you may just see all guinea pigs as cute and fluffy balls of fur, there are actually different breeds, and each has its own unique look and personality traits. Just like dogs and cats, breeding associations categorize guinea pig breeds according to their weight, color, body shape, and more. To help you learn about the different breeds, we are going to take a look at
woman playing guitar with a white poodle

Soothing Music for Dogs – How to Use Music to Calm Your Anxious Dog

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Unfortunately, anxiety is more common in dogs than you might suspect. Everything from loud noises to being separated from their owners during the workweek can make a dog feel nervous and anxious. While there are training techniques and medications that can be used to help dogs that are suffering from anxiety, recent studies have shown compelling evidence that playing certain types of music can help lower a dog’s stress levels. We know that music therapy works incredibly well at reducing stress and anxiety levels in humans, but it turns out that playing music
guinea pig nutrition featured image

What do Guinea Pigs Eat? Guinea Pig Nutrition 101

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Guinea pigs have plenty of qualities that make them appealing pets. Because they are small, gentle, personable, and undeniably cute, many people choose guinea pigs as the first pet for themselves or their children. While there is no denying that guinea pigs make excellent companions, even for inexperienced pet owners, they do require special care and attention. One area often overlooked is guinea pig nutrition. Most of the health problems guinea pigs suffer from can be traced back to flaws in their diet. To help you keep your fuzzy little friend feeling happy
dog ear cleaning solution featured image

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears – Everything You Need to Know About Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions and Routines

Veterinarians and experienced dog owners know how important it is to keep a dog’s ears clean. Unfortunately, a dog’s ear is very susceptible to infections. This is even more of an issue for breeds that have long, floppy ears, like Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, as their hanging ears tend to trap dirt and debris, and they receive very little airflow. However, all breeds can develop painful ear infections, so it is important to make sure your dog’s ear is clean and healthy. While cleaning your dog’s ears should become a part of the overall care routine you provide, it
dog rolling in the grass

Puppy 101: The First 30 Days with a New Puppy

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM The first month with a new puppy can be an incredibly challenging period of time. While it can be somewhat stressful, it should also be an exciting and fun time for you and your family! The key to taking any new pet home is to be as prepared as possible ahead of time. Our Hello Ralphie online veterinarians have put together a summary of everything you should expect during the first 30 days with a new puppy. Stop stressing and focus on making your home as welcoming as possible for your new furry
reptiles, bunnies, pigs, dogs and cats in a group photo

Top 10 Most Low-maintenance and Easiest Pets to Take Care Of

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Whether you have a busy schedule that does not offer the flexibility to look after a demanding pet, or you simply prefer the company of a pet that is easy to take care of, there are plenty of low-maintenance pets to choose from. To help you find the perfect companion for your lifestyle, we are counting down the top 10 easiest pets to take care of! The Top 10 Low-maintenance Pets 1. Turtles Turtles have almost become the cliche for a slow-moving and calm animal. While certain breeds require more work than others,
dog being pet by a human

How to Calm a Dog Down – 7 Proven Ways to Calm Your Anxious Dog

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Just like us humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety and chronic stress. Not only is this uncomfortable for the dog, but anxiety can also lead to a wide range of unhealthy behaviors, such as biting, excessive barking, destroying furniture, and even self-harm. If you want to help your furry friend feel less nervous and stressed, there are plenty of ways you can help sooth your dog’s anxiety. While some cases of anxiety are far more severe than others, the following seven techniques have been proven to help dogs feel less stressed and anxious:
cats standing on a wooden table

Is Lysol Toxic to Cats – How to Keep Your Cat Safe When Using Household Products

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM There is a good chance that you own and use Lysol products, as these household cleaners and disinfectants are considered staple products for most families. But have you ever wondered if they could be toxic for your pets? Lysol products are some of the most popular cleaning agents on the planet. They are known for their ability to quickly clean and disinfect household surfaces and rid homes of dangerous germs. Lysol has become even more popular and widely used throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic. While commercial disinfectants can be useful, relatively few people
a yorkie peeking around a wall

Anxiety Meds for Dogs – What Can I Give My Dog for Anxiety?

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety. While mild forms of anxiety are rarely a cause for concern, serious anxiety can be detrimental to your dog’s overall health and happiness. If you are looking for ways to treat your dog’s anxiety, we can help. We have provided this guide, which we believe will answer any questions you have about potential anxiety medications you can use to help keep your dog calm. While dog anxiety medication is not always the answer, it can help treat severe cases of anxiety. As always, you can always schedule an appointment with a virtual
a senior pug laying down on tile

Joint Supplements for Dogs – Are They Worth It?

You may notice that as your dog ages, he or she has become significantly less agile than they once were! Just like humans, dogs can develop arthritis and joint pain in their senior years. Arthritis and joint pain in dogs usually appear as stiffness in their gait, limping, or sometimes, even physical pain when you touch them in certain places. The good news is there are many supplements that you can give your dog to help ease joint pain. Even better, most of these supplements are natural products that you can find in most pharmacies, grocery stores, and pet stores!