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Day: June 17, 2021

a yorkie peeking around a wall

Anxiety Meds for Dogs – What Can I Give My Dog for Anxiety?

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety. While mild forms of anxiety are rarely a cause for concern, serious anxiety can be detrimental to your dog’s overall health and happiness. If you are looking for ways to treat your dog’s anxiety, we can help. We have provided this guide, which we believe will answer any questions you have about potential anxiety medications you can use to help keep your dog calm. While dog anxiety medication is not always the answer, it can help treat severe cases of anxiety. As always, you can always schedule an appointment with a virtual
a senior pug laying down on tile

Joint Supplements for Dogs – Are They Worth It?

You may notice that as your dog ages, he or she has become significantly less agile than they once were! Just like humans, dogs can develop arthritis and joint pain in their senior years. Arthritis and joint pain in dogs usually appear as stiffness in their gait, limping, or sometimes, even physical pain when you touch them in certain places. The good news is there are many supplements that you can give your dog to help ease joint pain. Even better, most of these supplements are natural products that you can find in most pharmacies, grocery stores, and pet stores!
cats inside and on top of a cat house

7 Things That are Toxic to Cats That You Probably Have at Home Right Now

You might be surprised by the number of household items that can be harmful to your cat. To help you safeguard your home and protect your feline friend, we have gone over seven of the most common items people own that are toxic to cats. Most of the products on this list are common household items that, if consumed, can even be fatal for your cat. These common household items can cause clinical signs that range from gastrointestinal issues, like vomiting and diarrhea, to far more serious medical issues, like permanent neurological diseases and even death. Do your part to
dog looking at a supplement offered by hand

Krill Oil for Dogs – Why Are So Many People Giving Krill Oil to Their Dogs?

As more people begin to see their dogs as valued members of the family rather than just pets, it makes sense that there is an increased demand for nutritious dog foods and health supplements. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of conflicting information out there, so it can be difficult to know what will help improve your dog’s health and well-being. To help clear up some of the confusion, we will explain why so many dog owners are giving krill oil and other omega-3 supplements to their dogs. From there, we will explain what benefits a krill oil supplement can
male and female with 3 dogs on the beach

Veterinary Telemedicine in the State of New Jersey – Everything Pet Parents Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we all view the necessity of in-person services. Where some things simply must be done face-to-face, other tasks can be performed just as effectively online or over the phone. If you are a pet parent, you may have used online or telephone-based veterinary services during the pandemic. While many people began booking virtual appointments out of necessity, the convenience and affordability of these remote vet visits have quickly become apparent. If you are a pet parent located in the state of New Jersey, you might be wondering whether or not virtual veterinary care is here to stay. To help you understand veterinary telemedicine regulations in your state, we are here to explain everything you need to know!