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Day: June 24, 2021

guinea pig nutrition featured image

What do Guinea Pigs Eat? Guinea Pig Nutrition 101

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Guinea pigs have plenty of qualities that make them appealing pets. Because they are small, gentle, personable, and undeniably cute, many people choose guinea pigs as the first pet for themselves or their children. While there is no denying that guinea pigs make excellent companions, even for inexperienced pet owners, they do require special care and attention. One area often overlooked is guinea pig nutrition. Most of the health problems guinea pigs suffer from can be traced back to flaws in their diet. To help you keep your fuzzy little friend feeling happy
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How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears – Everything You Need to Know About Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions and Routines

Veterinarians and experienced dog owners know how important it is to keep a dog’s ears clean. Unfortunately, a dog’s ear is very susceptible to infections. This is even more of an issue for breeds that have long, floppy ears, like Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, as their hanging ears tend to trap dirt and debris, and they receive very little airflow. However, all breeds can develop painful ear infections, so it is important to make sure your dog’s ear is clean and healthy. While cleaning your dog’s ears should become a part of the overall care routine you provide, it