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Month: October 2021

dog lying on a bed

Why is My Dog Throwing Up?

Anyone that has a dog has witnessed their canine companion throw up more than a few times. While it may be worrisome to us, throwing up is fairly natural for dogs. With that said, it can still be really to understand what can cause this physical reaction. We are here to help! In this article, we cover some of the most common reasons dogs throw up and explain what you can do about it. Why Do Dogs Throw Up? A variety of factors causes vomiting in dogs. While some of the causes are rather mild, like situational stress and motion
Dog and Toy Stuffing

No Plush Toys for Puppy?

Your two-year-old may enjoy dressing Teddy up for tea parties and playing make-believe with plushies, but if your dog is like most, he probably enjoys chewing them to pieces.  Those adorable stuffed animals and plush toys may be a crowd-pleaser among the canine community, but they are laced with hidden dangers! The soft fabric that children love is easy for your pooch to tear into. This can quickly turn into a medical emergency if your dog decides to eat the eyes, stuffing, or limbs they bite off the toys. Unfortunately, not all toys made for dogs are safe, either, as
dogs body condition score featured image

How to Calculate Your Dog’s Body Condition Score and BMI

Managing your dog’s size and weight with a healthy diet and exercise is one of the best ways to mitigate health issues and extend the life of your pet. For dogs that are above or below a healthy weight, a veterinarian can outline a specialized plan that adjusts feeding and exercise and put your pet on a path to better health. But what if you’re not sure if your dog is at a healthy weight? This guide will explain how to inspect your dog’s body using what is called a Body Condition Score (BCS) and how to calculate your pet’s
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How to Tell if Your Pet is Overweight and Why it Matters

There is a worldwide obesity crisis amongst the global population leading to a rapid rise in cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and even certain types of cancer. While this is certainly a serious issue that deserves our attention, relatively few people know that pet obesity is also common and is one of the most preventable health issues we find in dogs, cats, and other types of pets. The simple truth is, overweight pets tend to live shorter lives than lean and fit pets. Not only are obese and overweight dogs and cats at a higher risk of developing a variety of
small pet businesses across the state of oklahoma featured image

Celebrating Small Pet Businesses Across the State of Oklahoma

At Hello Ralphie, we have the utmost respect for small pet businesses that love animals like we do and offer them the high-quality care they deserve. In most cases, locally-owned pet businesses are staffed by animal lovers that have a genuine passion for animal welfare. Not only do these smaller businesses offer personalized care and pet supplies you can trust as a pet owner, their owners and staff are also members of the communities they serve. If you are someone that enjoys supporting local, we are here to help! We have highlighted just a few of the small pet businesses
small pet businesses across michigan featured image

Celebrating Small Pet Businesses Across Michigan

At Hello Ralphie, we strongly believe in the importance of shopping small pet businesses. Supporting small and independent businesses helps your community thrive. We also find they usually offer exceptional service with a personal touch that may be lacking when you take your beloved pet to the larger big box stores. If you’re a pet owner who is interested in finding small pet businesses across the state of Michigan, you have come to the right place! Each business below is staffed by caring individuals who will treat your pet with the love and respect they deserve. The Best Small Pet
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Supporting Small Pet Businesses Across New Jersey

At Hello Ralphie, we believe in supporting small businesses. Especially those that share our love for animals and the families that care for them. Local pet businesses are often owned and staffed by exceptional people with strong connections to their communities and a passion for animal welfare. If you enjoy curated stores, friendly customer service, and mission-based companies, you’ll love these outstanding local businesses that cater to our beloved pets.
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Celebrating Small and Independent Pet Businesses Across Virginia

One of the most rewarding things you can do as a pet parent is finding a local pet business that knows your pet and their needs and treats them with love and respect. At Hello Ralphie, we support these local, independent businesses and have chosen to highlight a few of our favorites in the state of Virginia!
dog friendly adventures across oklahoma featured image

Dog-Friendly Adventures Across Oklahoma

If you want your dog to live a happy and healthy life, you need to make sure they are getting plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. While daily walks around the neighborhood are great, they can get a little bit stale. One of the best ways to shake things up and bring some excitement into your dog’s life is to take it on an outdoor adventure. Not only can an adventurous day trip be an excellent way for you both to get some valuable exercise, but it can also really help to strengthen the bond you have with your canine