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Month: December 2021

dog paws

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws? – What to Look for and When to Be Concerned

There are plenty of reasons why dogs lick their own paws. In some cases, the dog is simply licking his or her paws as part of their grooming routine and it is nothing to be concerned with. On the other hand, excessive licking can be a sign of a serious mental or physical health condition. It could be anything, from a food allergy to dry skin to itchy paws, and excessive licking could lead to long-term skin irritation. As a pet owner, if you are unsure whether or not your dog’s paw licking is normal, we can help! To make
dog paws

Caring for Dry, Cracked Dog Paws

What Makes Dog’s Paws Dry Out or Crack? Dry, cracked dog paws can be caused by many different issues, typically stemming from where your dog walks on a frequent basis and the environment you live in.  Dogs in areas with dry, hot ground can have paws that dry out frequently, and result in cracking. This is also seen in dogs who swim frequently in chlorinated pools or even the ocean. Both salt and chlorine can dry out paw pads.  Dogs who live in colder climates, or who play in the snow frequently, can also find themselves having dry, cracked paws.
dog wearing a red raincoat

Should Your Dog Wear a Coat Outdoors?

Bundling up for the cold When the weather outside is frightful, we humans don’t venture out without bundling up in a warm coat. If you’re heading out to walk your dog, you might wonder if they need a coat as well. The answer is that it really depends. Several factors are involved, such as your dog’s breed, age, how long you’ll be out, and the outside temperature.  If you’re just going out for a short potty break, your dog shouldn’t need a coat unless you’re experiencing sub-zero temperatures. For longer trips outside, the variables mentioned come into play. In general,
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Pet Parent Survey Results: Designer vs. Rescue Dog Behavior

We recently conducted a survey polling mixed-breed dog owners to see if there’s a noticeable difference in reported behavior between dogs purchased from a breeder and those adopted from a shelter or animal rescue organization. Our survey polled 1,000 mixed-breed dog owners, and the results offer some pretty interesting insights. While we firmly believe that the love, care, and training a dog receives in its home will influence behavior far more than where that dog came from, the results are still worth noting. Where are the dogs coming from? Of the pet owners surveyed, 44% reported that they purchased their