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Month: July 2022


Shell Rot in Turtles/Tortoises: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

Are you worried about the healthiness of your pet turtle’s shell? Shell rot is a common disease in turtles and tortoises but read on to learn how to treat and prevent it.
Bird eating

What Should You Feed Your Bird?

What you feed your bird plays a huge role in their overall health, and commercial bird foods are often high-fight and low in nutrition. Learn what to feed (and not feed) your bird.
pet with tech

Tech for Your Pets: Fitness and Location Trackers

Learn more about tech tools available to use with your pet.
cat with family

5 Tips for Adopting a Cat

Are you considering adding an adopted cat to your family for the first time? Read on to learn 5 tips for adopting a cat to make sure you and your new feline friend get off to a good start.