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3 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

black cat

Superstitions made about black cats come with real life consequences. Here are a few reasons why these beautiful coated felines deserve a loving home.

Love has no color

Why should black cats get overlooked because of their color? Unfortunately the reality is that black cats have a harder time than other colored cats when finding their forever home. But, they will love you no matter what color hair or skin color you have. Also, if you are a minimalist, your cat will look marvelous perched up on your furniture.

black cat on furniture

Get past the superstitions!

There are cultures that have different superstitions about black cats. The belief that blacks cats are bad luck arose around the Middle Ages in Europe through folklore. During this time some people also saw them as a sign of death because of their color similar to crows and ravens and associated them with things of darkness. People also believed that witches could turn into black cats and be able to cast evil spells on people. Because of these myths, many black cats were killed across Europe. These myths are simply not fair to our furry friends. In other cultures, they are considered good luck. For example, a black cat crossing your path is a sign of good luck in Asia. In Britain, women who have black cats are considered to be lucky in love.

Save a life

Open up your home and heart to a black feline who deserves a second chance in life. Research shows that black cats have a lower adoption rate and higher euthansaia rates in shelters across America when compared to other colored cats. It has been reported that potential adopters overlooked black pets as less friendly than lighter coated pets just based on pictures they saw. Many shelters put a hold on adopting out blak cats during the Halloween season based on the fear of people using them as props. If the thought of black cats gives you an image of them with sharp fangs and shaggy fur – it is time to get over the negativity! It’s time to see them for what they truly are – intelligent, friendly and outgoing. They can adapt very well in most environments you put them in. As an owner of two black cats, they are very loving and sharing a home with them is an incredible experience.

black cat walking

Thinking about adopting a black cat?

If you have questions on caring for your new black cat, Hello Ralphie has veterinarians who will be happy to answer those for you. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert veterinarians today. 

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