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dog holding bowl

Choosing the Right Pet Food

What is the right food to feed my pet? What happens when my pet needs a special diet? There’s a lot of conflicting information and confusion out there about specialty pet food and pet supplements. Dr. Candice Bittner, DVM has offered up some expert knowledge to help pet parents choose the right food for their pets. Q: What’s the most important aspect of pet nutrition? What should pet parents look for? A: I’ll start by saying that aside from being a veterinarian, I’m also a pet parent. More specifically, I’m a pet parent to a dog with skin issues, so I
Cat stretching

Does My Cat Have Arthritis?

Cats are notorious for hiding pain, but if you’re observant, you may be able to detect if they need help with aging bones and joints. If you’re seeing these signs, it may be time to talk with a veterinarian to see if your cat may be suffering from feline arthritis. Signs of Arthritis in Cats Since cats tend to hide pain to varying degrees, signs of arthritis can be subtle at first. Things you may notice with your cat are: stiffness when getting up walking rigidly or limping hesitant or unable to jump up or down from heights difficulty going
Dog and Toy Stuffing

No Plush Toys for Puppy?

Your two-year-old may enjoy dressing Teddy up for tea parties and playing make-believe with plushies, but if your dog is like most, he probably enjoys chewing them to pieces.  Those adorable stuffed animals and plush toys may be a crowd-pleaser among the canine community, but they are laced with hidden dangers! The soft fabric that children love is easy for your pooch to tear into. This can quickly turn into a medical emergency if your dog decides to eat the eyes, stuffing, or limbs they bite off the toys. Unfortunately, not all toys made for dogs are safe, either, as
rat inside a rat house

Do Rats Make Good Pets?

If you’re a first-time pet owner or have a fondness for small creatures, a domesticated rat can make a great companion! Rats make good pets because they are not only low-maintenance and easy to handle, but rats are also affectionate and intelligent animals. For these reasons, more and more people are choosing to embrace these curious critters and have turned into true believers that rats do, indeed, make great pets. Rats are social and affectionate creatures These pocket-sized pets are very social and have a tendency to form strong bonds with their human family. If encouraged, rats enjoy resting on
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NBC10’s Lucy Bustamante spoke to Philadelphia veterinarian Dr. David Weiss about pet owners’ questions about getting their furry friends tested for COVID-19.
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The Philadelphia Inquirer

Fur-baby sick? Wharton MBA launches start-up, taking telemedicine to pets’ parents.
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KYW News

New app developed by Wharton student lets you schedule veterinary telehealth appointments
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My Virtual Veterinarian an Award Winning Startup
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The Wharton School

Caring for Our Furry Friends: My Virtual Veterinarian Wins $30,000 Perlman Grand Prize in Virtual Startup Challenge
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Penn Today

Virtual vet app wins Penn Wharton Startup Challenge