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dog with fleas

Why Does My Dog Get Itchy Skin?

There are a wide variety of reasons for itchy skin on a dog ranging from bug bites to food sensitivities and everything in between. Here are some of the most common culprits and what you can do to help alleviate the itch and be your own Itchy Dog Detective from home!
boy carrying puppy over his shoulder

Best Puppy Life Coach Tips

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian Congratulations on your new puppy! Don’t know how to train your puppy? If you have puppy training questions or don’t know where to start your puppy’s training, think about your new role as being your Puppy’s Life Coach instead! Why Get Advice About Puppy Training? Life coaching may be a fancy term for self-improvement for people, but we can take those principles and apply that to puppy training to create balanced, well-socialized dogs. Take Time to Train Your Puppy Know the life coach term, “Take time to work on you?” It’s the
a kitten and a puppy sitting on a wooden floor

Top Ten Less-Known Pet Toxins

While some pet toxins such as chocolate are well known and others like bleach and household cleaners are obvious, other pet toxins are less well known.
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Your Dog Can Save the World

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian Be a Sustainability Superhero with your Furry Sidekick Your dog is special, unique; you may say they are one in a million! Would you believe they are one in over 90 million dogs – and that’s in the U.S. alone? All of those good boys and girls have to eat, and crafting pet food uses tons of our planet’s resources: water, livestock, and packaging. (Literally tons!) That includes dog snacks, too. Chippin dog treats has a sustainable dog treat solution. Chippin Dog Treats: Reducing the World’s Carbon Pawprint Pets consume 30% of
anxious pug swaddled in blankets

Understanding Dog Anxiety

Written by Dr. Ericka Carroll, VMD [qsm quiz=1] Anxious Dogs: Bellowing Blues and Doggie Downers Just like us, our canine pals can also suffer from relentless worrying, indescribable fears, and sometimes just feel down on life. Left unaddressed, these concerns can lead to physical health problems and emotional unwellness. Luckily, there are things we can do to help lift Fido’s spirits and get his tail wagging. What are the signs of dog anxiety? What are the types and causes of dog anxiety? What can be done to treat dogs with anxiety? Board-certified dog veterinarian Dr. Ericka Carroll digs into this
cat paw touching a felt valentine's day heart

Valentine’s Day Pet Safety Tips

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the Hello Ralphie team is here to remind you that not all matches were made by cupid! While you are enjoying your holiday goodies this year embraced with the warm cuddles of your favorite furr-entine, here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a paws-itive celebration. Three tips for Valentine’s Day pet safety: Need to see a vet? Try a Hello Ralphie virtual veterinarian appointment Valentine’s Day Pet Safety Tip #1 Why is chocolate bad for dogs? Although good for our heart and soul,
an orange tabby cat holding a pet toothbrush

Pet Dental Care Tips

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian We all know how to brush our teeth! But do our pets brush their teeth? Of course not! So, when was the last time your dog or cat brought up pet dental care or brushed their own teeth? If you’ve ever missed a morning of brushing your teeth, then you know that fuzzy, grimy feeling you get – that’s plaque build-up on your teeth. Unless you are regularly brushing your cat or dog’s teeth, feeding a dental diet, giving dental treats, or using a water dental additive, your pet’s teeth also accumulate
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Pet Heartworm Prevention

Written by Dr. Tracy Williams, DVM What are heartworms? How do you prevent your pet from getting heartworms? Dr. Williams, a Hello Ralphie veterinarian, walks pet parents through what heartworms are and pet heartworm prevention tips. What are Heartworms? Heartworms are parasites that take up residence in the heart and lung tissue of your pet. Veterinarians know of heartworm infections in dogs, cats, and even in ferrets. This is very scary disease and can cause irreversible damage to the heart and lungs of a pet, but the good news there are a lot of ways to prevent your pet from
puppy running

New Puppy Tips

Written by Dr. Tracy Williams, DVM Are you thinking of adding a new puppy to the family? It could be as simple as a trip to a local animal shelter to adopt a new puppy or maybe you have had your eye on a certain breed for a while and think now is the time. Whatever the case, we are here to give you some new puppy tips!  Read more about Dr. Williams on Meet the Vets Here are a few new puppy tips to consider to set you and your new puppy up for success: What to Expect with