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Understanding Cat Sleeping Behaviors

Cat sleeping

There are sever pros and cons to letting your cat sleep in the same bed as you. For starters, having your pal sleep next to you does not only bring you warmth and comfort, but it is emotionally rewarding and can play a big part in your health. Studies show that cat owners have a slightly lower risk of death from heart attacks compared to non cat owners. So if you suffer from anxiety or experience a lot of stress, get yourself a cat and get to snuggling!

A downside of sleeping near your cat is the risk of rolling on them and hurting them unintentionally. If they decide to sleep on your chest and you’re the type of person who moves around while sleeping, this may not be ideal for your cat or yourself.

What are common cat sleep positions and what do they mean?

When a cat is sleeping in a “loaf” position it means they are generally comfortable but also ready to make a run for it if needed. Temperature plays a big role in the way cats sleep. If it’s a hot day out, it is normal for a cat to be more stretched out sleeping on their side. As opposed to being cold, a cat may curl up in a tight ball to feel more cozy and warm.

Cats who sleep between their owners’ legs or on top of them feel safe and secure. They know their humans will protect them and show vulnerability during sleep. Another reason could be that they find warmth in that spot so they cuddle up near you. Lastly, cats release pheromones to indicate that you are part of the group.

Cat sleeping with human

Where to go from here?

If you’d like to speak with a veterinarian about your cat’s specific sleeping behaviors, please know that we have veterinarians available who specialize in cats. You can schedule an advice appointment by clicking here.

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