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Dog with swollen eyes

Help! My Dog’s Eyeball is Swollen

Your dog’s swollen eyes are also known as blepharitis, a condition that refers to inflammation in the eyes, eyelids, and the tissues around the eye.  Though it isn’t an immediate medical emergency, swollen eyes are a common symptom of many different medical conditions, so it’s important to monitor your dog’s symptoms and check in with your vet to keep your dog feeling their best.  This article will guide you through common causes of eye swelling in dogs, as well as potential treatment options to help your dog feel better soon.  Symptoms of Blepharitis in Dogs Because blepharitis is a symptom
cat lying down

Caring for Your Cat with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

Learn about types of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and caring for cats with FIP.

Treating Cherry Eye in Dogs

Dogs, cats, and many other mammals have a third eyelid inside their lower eyelids, also called the nictitating membrane. This third eyelid protects your dog’s eye, and it also holds tear ducts that are responsible for about 35% of your dog’s tear production.  When this third eyelid prolapses, this is commonly referred to as cherry eye because of the bright pink bulge it produces in the corner of your dog’s eye.  While cherry eye is not life-threatening, it can lead to further health complications if not treated right away. In this article, we’ll provide possible causes, what signs to look
advice from 24 hour vet about pet health

Choosing the Right Pet Food

What is the right food to feed my pet? What happens when my pet needs a special diet? There’s a lot of conflicting information and confusion out there about specialty pet food and pet supplements. Dr. Candice Bittner, DVM has offered up some expert knowledge to help pet parents choose the right food for their pets. Q: What’s the most important aspect of pet nutrition? What should pet parents look for? A: I’ll start by saying that aside from being a veterinarian, I’m also a pet parent. More specifically, I’m a pet parent to a dog with skin issues, so I
cat throwing up featured image

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up?

If you own a cat, you have probably come across more than a few unpleasant piles of cat vomit around the house. While cat vomit can be annoying, it is not always a cause for concern. Cats throw up to eliminate hairballs, expel grass and other non-food items, and regurgitate food they have eaten too quickly. With that said, there are other situations when a cat’s vomiting can indicate a more serious issue. To help you understand why your cat is vomiting, we’ll go over the different reasons why felines throw up. We will also explain what you can do
my dog has diarrhea featured image

Help! My Dog Has Diarrhea – Why Dogs Get Diarrhea and What To Do About It

While it is a fairly common condition, it can be quite concerning when your canine companion is dealing with an episode of diarrhea. If you want to know what causes the condition and what you can do to help your dog get over it, we are here to help! What Causes Dog Diarrhea? Diarrhea is a common canine ailment caused by a variety of factors. In most cases, diarrhea occurs when the dog’s gastrointestinal tract is unable to absorb nutrients properly. This problem can result from inflammation within the gut and other areas of the digestive system. Infectious agents, like
hot spots on dog featured image

What Are Hot Spots on a Dog?

One of the most common reasons dog parents seek veterinary care is to treat skin-related issues. Many dog owners have at some point found what is referred to as a “hot spot” on their dog’s skin. They can range from mildly irritating to very painful for dogs, so it is no surprise that dog owners do everything they can to prevent them. If you don’t know what hot spots are or want to know how to identify and treat a dog hot spot, you’re in the right place! What Are Hot Spots? A canine hot spot is a generalized term
dogs body condition score featured image

How to Calculate Your Dog’s Body Condition Score and BMI

Managing your dog’s size and weight with a healthy diet and exercise is one of the best ways to mitigate health issues and extend the life of your pet. For dogs that are above or below a healthy weight, a veterinarian can outline a specialized plan that adjusts feeding and exercise and put your pet on a path to better health. But what if you’re not sure if your dog is at a healthy weight? This guide will explain how to inspect your dog’s body using what is called a Body Condition Score (BCS) and how to calculate your pet’s
pet is overweight featured image

How to Tell if Your Pet is Overweight and Why it Matters

There is a worldwide obesity crisis amongst the global population leading to a rapid rise in cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and even certain types of cancer. While this is certainly a serious issue that deserves our attention, relatively few people know that pet obesity is also common and is one of the most preventable health issues we find in dogs, cats, and other types of pets. The simple truth is, overweight pets tend to live shorter lives than lean and fit pets. Not only are obese and overweight dogs and cats at a higher risk of developing a variety of
boy carrying puppy over his shoulder

Best Puppy Life Coach Tips

Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian Congratulations on your new puppy! Don’t know how to train your puppy? If you have puppy training questions or don’t know where to start your puppy’s training, think about your new role as being your Puppy’s Life Coach instead! Why Get Advice About Puppy Training? Life coaching may be a fancy term for self-improvement for people, but we can take those principles and apply that to puppy training to create balanced, well-socialized dogs. Take Time to Train Your Puppy Know the life coach term, “Take time to work on you?” It’s the