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Category: Cats

Cat scratching

Understanding Allergies in Cats

Learn about how to identify if your cat is suffering from allergies.
Cat scratching furniture

A Deep Dive on Cat Nail Caps

Learn about when to use cat nail caps and how to put them on your cat.
Cat sleeping

Understanding Cat Sleeping Behaviors

Learn some of the behavior behind where cats choose to sleep and the pros and cons of letting them sleep with you in the bed.
black cat

3 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

Thinking about adopting a new cat? Read on to learn why you should consider adopting a black cat!
cat with family

5 Tips for Adopting a Cat

Are you considering adding an adopted cat to your family for the first time? Read on to learn 5 tips for adopting a cat to make sure you and your new feline friend get off to a good start.
cat in grass

3 Ways Your Cat Can Safely Experience the Outdoors

If you want your cat to experience the mental stimulation that the outdoors provides but you’re worried about the risks, here are 3 ways you can help keep your cat safe.
itching cat

What is Miliary Dermatitis in Cats?

Miliary dermatitis cause itchy skin and uncomfortable scabs on your cat’s body, but the condition can be eliminated with treatment options. Learn more about feline miliary dermatitis today.
cat with needle

How to Manage Your Cat’s Feline Diabetes

Finding out that your cat has feline diabetes is scary, but the condition is manageable. With careful management, your diabetic cat can live many more happy years with you.
cat lying down

Caring for Your Cat with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

Learn about types of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and caring for cats with FIP.
Cat sneezing

Why Is My Cat Sneezing?

Cats may sneeze because there’s a tickle in their nose, dust or allergens in the area, or a particularly potent smell in the room. However, if your cat frequently sneezes, they could have an upper respiratory infection (URI).  Like the common cold in humans, URIs affect your kitty’s sinuses, leaving them feeling stuffy and needing rest. This article will guide you through the causes, symptoms, and potential treatment of an upper respiratory infection.   How Can Your Cat Contract an Upper Respiratory Infection? A viral infection is the most common cause (80%-90% of all cases) of URIs in cats. Different viruses