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Category: Caring for a Cat

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How Often Should a Cat Poop?

While it may seem like a trivial topic, litter box behavior can tell you a lot about your cat’s health. As it turns out, cat owners should keep an eye on how often their cat poops. How Can We Help? To help you understand what is healthy and when you should be concerned, we are going to go over everything you need to know about your cat’s bowel movements. We will explain how often your cat should be pooping and what it could mean if they are going too frequently or not often enough. To ensure you are providing your
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Why Does My Cat Drool?

If your cat has been drooling lately, there may be an underlying medical explanation for it. Scheduling an appointment with a Hello Ralphie veterinarian is one of the easiest ways to narrow down the cause. If the cause is a medical issue, an online vet can offer expert advice on it. To help you narrow down the cause of your cat’s drooling, we will be going over some common causes. If you suspect any of the issues discussed below apply to your cat, we encourage you to book a virtual vet appointment and talk to a vet online today! Drooling
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How Much Should a Cat Weigh?

As with people, the average weight for cats can vary depending on their skeletal size and gender. On average, a healthy cat usually weighs between 7 and 14 pounds. In some cases, cats can weigh a little more than this or a little less, so it can be useful to schedule an online vet appointment through Hello Ralphie to determine if your cat is within a healthy weight range. During a Hello Ralphie virtual vet appointment, you and the vet can come up with a healthy nutrition and weight-management plan for your specific cat. What Should a Healthy Cat Look Like? A
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How Long After Flea Treatment Can I Pet My Cat?

Fleas are a common external parasite that feed off your cat’s blood. Although they can create some health concerns, itchiness and allergic reactions on your cat’s skin is a common symptom. Some fleas even carry certain species of tapeworms, which make your cat susceptible to contracting parasitic infections. The good news is there are many available products that can help protect your cat from getting new flea infections, as well as treat any pre-existing infections. What types of flea treatments are available? There are numerous types available. A virtual consult with a Hello Ralphie veterinarian can help you determine which
How Often Should You Change Cat Litter

How Often Should You Change Cat Litter?

Cats are clean animals. Unlike dogs, felines constantly groom themselves and they’re notoriously picky about where they urinate and defecate. A cat can develop physical and mental ailments if they’re unable to clean themselves or forced to live in a dirty space. Therefore, it’s essential that cat parents provide their cats with a sanitary litter box. Here, we’ve provided a guide on litter box maintenance to keep your cat happy and healthy. We’ll go over how often you should change your cat litter as well as reasons why a routine cleaning is so important. We’ll also explain how often you
How Often Do You Take Your Cat to The Vet

How Often Do You Take Your Cat to The Vet?

It’s important to make sure your feline friend has regular check-ins with a veterinarian. Cats age at a much faster rate than humans, which means they develop age-related health conditions much faster than we do. Read how to care for a senior cat from one of our Hello Ralphie vets! The number of times you speak with a veterinarian about your cat’s health will depend on a variety of factors, include your cat’s age, any pre-existing medical conditions, and possible special needs. Most vets generally recommend a feline physical exam at least once per year with regular virtual check-ins between
How do I Brush My Cat’s Teeth

How do I Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

Dental disease is one of the most common health issues that veterinarians diagnose in cats. It can be present in every breed of cat and can be diagnosed at any age, although it becomes more prominent as cats get older.  Read more about senior cat care from a Hello Ralphie vet. Tarter and plaque naturally build on the outer surface of a cat’s teeth, which can result in malodorous breath (halitosis), tooth decay, and infections underneath the gums. These issues can cause your cat a significant amount of discomfort and pain and prevent them from eating their food. When the
How to Deworm a Cat

How to Deworm a Cat

Your veterinarian will recommend regular deworming for your cat depending on its risk level for contracting intestinal parasites. The number of times you’ll need to deworm your feline friend will depend on the cat’s particular lifestyle, as well as the area in which you live. Climate, temperature, and local wildlife also play a role in determining your cat’s risk level. Cats that spend a significant amount of time outdoors, or those that tend to prey on animals such as rodents, have a higher risk level for contracting an intestinal parasite. The likelihood that your cat will develop intestinal worms if
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Senior Cat Care

These days, our cats are living longer, healthier, happier lives than in the past. With the advancement of pet healthcare and cats living with us as family members, many of our cats can live into ripe old age.  Some senior cat care tips below. Learn more about Dr. Brooks at Meet Our Vets While this is wonderful for the human-animal bond, it also means we need to be aware of normal aging changes and actions we can take as cat parents to make life a little more comfortable for our senior cats. When is a Cat Considered a Senior? When a
advice from 24 hour vet about pet health

Why is my Cat Losing Weight?

So, you noticed that your cat is losing weight and seeming slimmer or lighter on your lap. From food type, dental health, a medical condition, even bowl placement, there are a lot of reasons why your cat is losing weight. Let’s break down some reasons why to get your cat back on the right track.   Read more about Dr. Parker at Meet Our Vets Reasons Your Cat is Losing Weight Let’s start with cat food and food placement. First, did you recently change cat food? Or did you start changing volumes of food offered? Did you move your cat’s food bowl? Does it seem