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Category: Caring for a Dog

chocolate can kill dog featured image

How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Dog?

While most people find the taste of chocolate irresistible, chocolate consumption happens to be very dangerous for dogs. In severe cases, chocolate ingestion can even be fatal for your canine pet. The risks associated with chocolate poisoning depend on a variety of factors. The type of chocolate, whether dark, milk, or white chocolate, is an important factor, as is the quantity of chocolate consumed and the size and body weight of the dog. In some cases, chocolate is mixed with or used to cover other ingredients that can also pose a serious health risk for your dog. This risk is
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Why is My Dog Panting and Restless?

Dogs pant and become restless for many reasons. In some cases, the behavior change can be triggered by pain, as dogs experiencing any pain or discomfort will often become agitated, restless, and pant more frequently than before the issue started. With that said, pain is not the only cause of excessive panting and restlessness. As dog parents, it is important to pick up on these cues about your dog’s health and know when to reach out for help. How Can We Help? One of the quickest and easiest ways to get to the bottom of your dog’s panting and restlessness
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How to Teach a Dog to Shake

After your dog has learned the basic commands, like sit, lay down, and stay, you can move towards more advanced tricks, like teaching your dog how to shake your hand or give a paw, as it is sometimes known, comes into play. Not only is the shake command a fun and satisfying trick, but it can also be really helpful when it comes time to clean your dog’s muddy paws or even trim nails. If you would like to teach your dog how to shake, we can help! We will start by going over some basic information, like when you
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How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

After teaching a dog how to sit, stay, and lay down on command, the next movement most dog owners want to teach their furry friend is how to roll over. Even though it looks like a fairly complicated trick, roll over is a simple movement and command. If you are looking to teach your dog this cute and fun trick, we can help. We will explain when you should begin training your dog to roll over and go over some things you should keep in mind before you get started. From there, we will list the simple steps you can
How Often Should You Walk Your Dog

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise and fresh air. A dog’s mental and physical health will suffer without regular walks. However, the exact amount of exercise a particular dog needs will depend on a variety of factors, including their age, breed, size, and health conditions, among other factors. We’ll go over some general rules to help you understand how often you should be walking your dog, including the needs of small-, medium-, and large-sized dogs. Additionally, we’ll explain how a dog’s age can impact their exercise needs and when you should walk your dog each day. Why Do Dogs

How to Get a Tick Off a Dog with Dish Soap

Finding a tick on your furry friend can be surprising and somewhat traumatizing. They’re gross and they could be harming your pet.  Lyme disease, ehrlichia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, among other diseases, have all been linked to tick bites. These diseases can be debilitating, devastating, and, in some cases, even life-threatening. However, you can combat them by making sure your dog is on an appropriate seasonal tick preventative. How Do I Remove a Tick from a Dog? The best practice is to speak to a veterinarian if you have questions about how to remove a tick from your pet.
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Understanding Dog Anxiety

Anxious Dogs: Bellowing Blues and Doggie Downers Just like us, our canine pals can also suffer from relentless worrying, indescribable fears, and sometimes just feel down on life. Left unaddressed, these concerns can lead to physical health problems and emotional unwellness. Luckily, there are things we can do to help lift Fido’s spirits and get his tail wagging. What are the signs of dog anxiety? What are the types and causes of dog anxiety? What can be done to treat dogs with anxiety? Board-certified dog veterinarian Dr. Ericka Carroll digs into this with us. Need help with an anxious dog?
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Senior Dog Care

These days, our dogs are living longer, healthier, happier lives than in the past. With the advancement of pet healthcare and our dogs living with us as family members, many of our pups can live into ripe old age. Some helpful senior dog care tips below. Learn more about Dr. Brooks at Meet Our Vets While this is wonderful for the human-animal bond, it also means we need to be aware of normal aging changes and actions we can take as dog parents to make life a little more comfortable for our senior dogs. At What Age is a Dog Considered
advice from 24 hour vet about pet health

Why is my Dog so Itchy?

By Dr. Candice Bittner Itching can take different forms: scratching, licking paws, head shaking, or scooting on the carpet are common itchy dog behaviors. Occasional itching can be perfectly normal but when itching becomes persistent it can affect your dog’s quality of life; including your own quality of life, too. If you have ever been kept up all night because your dog is licking its feet or thumping its tail on the floor you know what I’m talking about! Read Dr. Bittner’s Bio on Meet Our Vets Can Dogs Have Allergies? Why do dogs itch? Most dogs itch because of some sort of