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Your Dog Can Save the World

Be a Sustainability Superhero with your Furry Sidekick Your dog is special, unique; you may say they are one in a million! Would you believe they are one in over 90 million dogs – and that’s in the U.S. alone? All of those good boys and girls have to eat, and crafting pet food uses tons of our planet’s resources: water, livestock, and packaging. (Literally tons!) That includes dog snacks, too. Chippin dog treats has a sustainable dog treat solution. Chippin Dog Treats: Reducing the World’s Carbon Pawprint Pets consume 30% of the world’s meat. 80% of U.S. water is
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New Puppy Tips

Are you thinking of adding a new puppy to the family? It could be as simple as a trip to a local animal shelter to adopt a new puppy or maybe you have had your eye on a certain breed for a while and think now is the time. Whatever the case, we are here to give you some new puppy tips!  Read more about Dr. Williams on Meet the Vets Here are a few new puppy tips to consider to set you and your new puppy up for success: What to Expect with a New Puppy First thing to
advice from 24 hour vet about pet health

A Vet’s Guide to Holiday Pet Safety

We all know the holiday season will not look the same for most of us, but we will likely still be decorating and making favorite holiday foods. Listed below are holiday safety risks for pets and holiday pet safety tips to minimize them during these festive times. If there is suspicious or concern that a pet may have consumed something toxic, please call the pet poison helpline at 855-764-7661 or the ASPCA poison control at 888-426-4435. These lines are available 24/7 to help pet parents assess if a pet has ingested a toxin in a large enough quantity and needs emergency
advice from 24 hour vet about pet health

Tips for Pets Who Won’t Eat

In need of tips for a pet who won’t eat? A pet that will eat one type of food one day and then turn their nose up at it the next? Or how about a pet that holds out on eating only for the good stuff? Or maybe your pet is sick or just recently got over an illness. My Pet Won’t Eat What to do when your pet won’t eat! It can be quite frustrating and exhausting when you try to entice your pet to eat and they just refuse, especially if you are needing to give your pet medicine your
advice from 24 hour vet about pet health

Why is my Dog so Itchy?

By Dr. Candice Bittner Itching can take different forms: scratching, licking paws, head shaking, or scooting on the carpet are common itchy dog behaviors. Occasional itching can be perfectly normal but when itching becomes persistent it can affect your dog’s quality of life; including your own quality of life, too. If you have ever been kept up all night because your dog is licking its feet or thumping its tail on the floor you know what I’m talking about! Read Dr. Bittner’s Bio on Meet Our Vets Can Dogs Have Allergies? Why do dogs itch? Most dogs itch because of some sort of
advice from 24 hour vet about pet health

Fruits and Vegetables Safe for Dogs to Eat

It’s time to sit down for dinner. Napkin on lap, fork in hand, here comes the first bite. And there it is, that feeling of being watched with sad, soulful, begging eyes. The dog is begging for food again. Dr. Parker, a vet with Hello Ralphie, gives a run-down of what fruits and vegetables are okay for pets, the best ways to prepare them, and what to avoid. Are Dogs Allowed to Eat Vegetables? You want to be able to share food with your pets (mealtime is family time, after all!) but know that us veterinarians’ frown upon table scraps. The
advice from 24 hour vet about pet health

Solving the Pet Food Puzzle

A Veterinarian Q & A to Choosing the Right Pet Food What is the right food to feed my pet? What happens when my pet needs a special diet? There are a lot of questions about specialty pet food and pet supplements out there! Dr. Bittner, a beloved veterinarian found on the Hello Ralphie network, offered to drop some pet food knowledge and help us bewildered pet parents by offering her wisdom on how to solve the pet food puzzle. Q: What’s the most important aspect of pet nutrition? What should pet parents look for? A: I’ll start by saying that aside from