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Category: Pet Dental Care

How do I Brush My Cat’s Teeth

How do I Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

Dental disease is one of the most common health issues that veterinarians diagnose in cats. It can be present in every breed of cat and can be diagnosed at any age, although it becomes more prominent as cats get older.  Read more about senior cat care from a Hello Ralphie vet. Tarter and plaque naturally build on the outer surface of a cat’s teeth, which can result in malodorous breath (halitosis), tooth decay, and infections underneath the gums. These issues can cause your cat a significant amount of discomfort and pain and prevent them from eating their food. When the
an orange tabby cat holding a pet toothbrush

Pet Dental Care

We all know how to brush our teeth! But do our pets brush their teeth? Of course not! So, when was the last time your dog or cat brought up pet dental care or brushed their own teeth? If you’ve ever missed a morning of brushing your teeth, then you know that fuzzy, grimy feeling you get – that’s plaque build-up on your teeth. Unless you are regularly brushing your cat or dog’s teeth, feeding a dental diet, giving dental treats, or using a water dental additive, your pet’s teeth also accumulate plaque. Over time, plaque becomes hard calculus on