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Supporting Small Pet Businesses

Supporting Small Pet Businesses Across New Jersey

At Hello Ralphie, we believe in supporting small businesses. Especially those that share our love for animals and the families that care for them. Local pet businesses are often owned and staffed by exceptional people with strong connections to their communities and a passion for animal welfare. If you enjoy curated stores, friendly customer service, and mission-based companies, you’ll love these outstanding local businesses that cater to our beloved pets.
Celebrating Small and Independent Pet Businesses

Celebrating Small and Independent Pet Businesses Across Virginia

One of the most rewarding things you can do as a pet parent is finding a local pet business that knows your pet and their needs and treats them with love and respect. At Hello Ralphie, we support these local, independent businesses and have chosen to highlight a few of our favorites in the state of Virginia!
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Is Owning a Rabbit Right for You?

Fact checked by Erin Raley, Veterinary Technician Choosing a pet is always a big decision. Not only can a pet be a fun companion, but any animal that you welcome into your home will also eventually become a valued member of the family! Whether you choose a dog, cat, fish, bird, lizard, or rabbit, knowing how to properly care for that animal will help inform your decision on whether or not it is the right type of pet for you and your family. That’s why we have decided to provide this useful guide, which will help you decide if owning
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What You Should Know About Owning and Caring for a Pet Lizard

Despite their somewhat exotic appearance, lizards can make great pets. While each species has its own needs and requirements, they are relatively easy to care for and usually require very little space. If you plan to welcome a pet lizard into your family, we are here to help you prepare! We will explain what you should consider before adding a lizard to your family, the things you should know about lizard ownership, and what you will need to care for your scaly new friend! Things to Know Before Choosing a Pet Lizard Despite their small size, lizards can live longer
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Puppy 101: The First 30 Days with a New Puppy

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM The first month with a new puppy can be an incredibly challenging period of time. While it can be somewhat stressful, it should also be an exciting and fun time for you and your family! The key to taking any new pet home is to be as prepared as possible ahead of time. Our Hello Ralphie online veterinarians have put together a summary of everything you should expect during the first 30 days with a new puppy. Stop stressing and focus on making your home as welcoming as possible for your new furry
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Top 10 Most Low-maintenance and Easiest Pets to Take Care Of

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Whether you have a busy schedule that does not offer the flexibility to look after a demanding pet, or you simply prefer the company of a pet that is easy to take care of, there are plenty of low-maintenance pets to choose from. To help you find the perfect companion for your lifestyle, we are counting down the top 10 easiest pets to take care of! The Top 10 Low-maintenance Pets 1. Turtles Turtles have almost become the cliche for a slow-moving and calm animal. While certain breeds require more work than others,
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Veterinary Telemedicine in Michigan – How Licensed Veterinarians Can Offer Care Online

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the world views in-person healthcare. While there are still plenty of services that must be carried out face-to-face, there are some that can be performed just as effectively through online video, text messaging, or over the phone. The pandemic taught us how easily we could adapt to accessing care and other services remotely for ourselves. Many pet parents also began using online and telephone-based veterinary services to access remote care for their animals. Virtual veterinary appointments were first done out of necessity, but many people have begun recognizing the convenience
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Should I Get a Hamster or a Guinea Pig? – Guinea Pig vs Hamster

Fact checked by Dr. Antoinette Martin, DVM Both guinea pigs and hamsters fall into the category of “pocket pets,” which is an informal blanket term that refers to small, pocket-sized mammals that people keep as pets. These small and furry species are often chosen as starter pets for a variety of reasons. While it is true that either pet rodent can be an excellent option for first-time owners, both animals still require all of the love and care you would offer a larger type of pet. Choosing the Right Pet While many people assume that hamsters and guinea pigs are

Do Chickens Make Good Pets?

The popularity of keeping chickens as pets has skyrocketed in the last few years. Coronavirus, concerns regarding food scarcity, and heightened awareness of where one’s food comes from are just a few reasons that more people are turning toward backyard chickens as a way to keep busy and provide sustainable, affordable food sources. In this article, Dr. David Hannon, an avian veterinarian walks potential poultry owners through what breeds of poultry are available to own, what to expect regarding poultry behavior, and the medical care backyard birds need.  Can I Keep Chickens in My Backyard? Backyard birds can be allowed to roam
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A Beginner’s Pet Insurance Guide

Pets are family. They relieve our stress, make us laugh, and comfort us in our times of need. It makes sense that pet parents want to protect their pets at all costs. But as pet healthcare prices continue to rise, pet parents are feeling the financial squeeze regarding veterinary bills. This beginner’s pet insurance guide is here to help! One way pet parents can reduce the cost of sudden or unexpected veterinary care is utilizing pet insurance.  When the Unexpected Happens Below is a picture of Caroline, the pet parent of two golden retrievers, Goose and Scout.  When Goose (left) got