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CBD Oil for Pets

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More and more pet owners are turning to natural alternatives to help their dogs and cats thrive and heal from anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. Hemp products that include CBD are one of the natural products that has seen tremendous growth in the pet products space, such as CBD oil for pets, and there is extensive university research that validates this. 

How to Use CBD Oil for Pets

Botanimal, a company providing organically grown Phytocannibinoid-rich hemp oil products, answers the most-asked questions about CBD and also provides a list of scientific studies on the effects of CBD on dogs and cats in reducing inflammation, anxiety, and autoimmune issues.

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Two studies show that when using the recommended doses, there are frequently no negative side-effects or adverse effects from a pet taking CBD oil.

One CBD safety study is, “Preliminary Investigation of the Safety of Escalating Cannabinoid Doses in Healthy Dogs.”

Another study on CBD safety is, “Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs.”

Is CBD oil messy? Will it irritate my pet’s skin?

CBD oil is not messy as it is given orally typically on dog food or a dog treat. This same oil can be used topically to help with skin inflammation and instead of irritating the skin, it will soothe and reduce skin inflammation for most pets.

Will CBD oil make my pet feel or act strange?

CBD oil, given at the doses we recommend, should not make your pet feel or act strange.  What it might possibly do is actually help a dog that is already acting agitated, strange, or anxious to calm down and relax a little and act more normal.

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Is this product safe to use around other pets who may not experience these health issues?

CBD oil is safe as it is actually just distilled hemp plant oil and at the doses given does not have adverse effects.

What are the most common pet health issues which CBD oil can help with?

CBD helps anxiety by reducing inflammation and auto-immune problems.

Trying CBD Oil from Botanimal

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More Studies on Relieving Pain, Anxiety and Inflammation in Pets with CBD Oil?

CBD helps anxiety by reducing inflammation and auto-immune problems.

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