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Your Dog Can Save the World

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Fact checked by a Hello Ralphie expert veterinarian

Be a Sustainability Superhero with your Furry Sidekick

Your dog is special, unique; you may say they are one in a million! Would you believe they are one in over 90 million dogs – and that’s in the U.S. alone?

All of those good boys and girls have to eat, and crafting pet food uses tons of our planet’s resources: water, livestock, and packaging. (Literally tons!) That includes dog snacks, too. Chippin dog treats has a sustainable dog treat solution.

Chippin Dog Treats: Reducing the World's Carbon Pawprint

cows grazing in a green pasture

Pets consume 30% of the world’s meat.

a faucet with running water

80% of U.S. water is used for food production.

a factory spewing smoke into the sky

Pet food creates 64 million tons of greenhouse gases.

Using all of these resources to craft pet food is what Chippin calls the Carbon Pawprint. There are ways we can minimize our pets’ carbon pawprint! A great way to start are buying food and treats made from sustainably sourced plants and protein.

Sustainable Dog Treats Using Cricket Protein

Chippin is a collection of premium, all-natural, dog treats featuring sustainable cricket protein and spirulina. Yep, you read that correctly, we said crickets.

chart describing gallons of water needed to produce protein

The production of traditional meat is resource-intensive, with livestock (beef, chicken) being the world’s leading cause of methane emissions.

It takes 2,000 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef!

Cricket protein is a healthy, complete protein that uses less water and other resources than traditional livestock. Plus, crickets produce no methane whatsoever!

Methane Emissions used to create protein

Healthy Protein, Healthy Pup, Healthy Planet

cricket protein nutritional comparison

Crickets are a complete protein and contain high amounts of Omega-3 and vitamin B-12. Cricket protein is also hypoallergenic, and makes for a safe alternative to dogs who are allergic to meat like chicken or beef.

The crickets are humanely raised, farmed at the end of their life-span, cleaned, cooked and ground into a fine powder. Chippin then combines the protein powder, along with other high-quality ingredients, and bakes them into a delicious dog snack. Just read the reviews!

Chippin Sustainable Superhero

With Great Pawer, Comes Much Res-paw-nsibility

Who knew a simple dog treat could do so much? Chippin dog treats are responsibly- and thoughtfully-crafted, both with your pet and the planet in mind.

You don’t have to be a sustainability guru to save the world, just start with the world’s most sustainable dog treat! The planet will thank you and your super-furry sidekick.

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