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Best Dog-Friendly Adventures Across Michigan

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Just like us, our dogs need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation every day. While daily walks and taking the time to play fetch are both important, it can be rewarding for both you and your pup to change things up.

One of the best things you can do as a dog owner to keep your beloved pooch happy and healthy is to take them with you on local adventures. Luckily, the state of Michigan is home to countless dog-friendly hiking trails, beaches, and off-leash dog parks. You can even find restaurants and breweries that welcome dogs if you know where to look!

To help you and your furry friend get out there and explore, we have assembled this list of our favorite dog-friendly adventures in the state of Michigan!

The Best Dog-Friendly Adventures in Michigan

german shepherd standing outdoor on mountain during day time

Brewery Faisan – Dog-Friendly Microbrewery and Taproom

1087 Beaufait St.
Detroit, Michigan

While it has not been around for too long, Brewery Faisan is quickly gaining a large following of beer-loving pet parents. This trendy microbrewery serves delicious craft beers and has an indoor seating area and outdoor patio open, perfect for you and your leashed dog.

Not only does Brewery Faisan offer a nice location to meet up with other dog owners for a cold and refreshing beer, but it is also within walking distance to Gabriel Richard Park. You and your pup can take a pleasant stroll along the water before heading over to Brewery Faisan for some refreshments.

With eye-catching murals on the exterior of the building and an interior that pays homage to Detroit’s architectural history, Brewery Faisan is a great place to kick back and relax after a fun afternoon with your dog!

Orion Oaks Dog Park – Off-Leash Dog Park and Swimming Pond

2102 Joslyn Rd.
Orion Charter Township, Michigan

What makes Orion Oaks Dog Park different from other off-leash parks? This unique dog park offers over 24 acres of enclosed space to enjoy, and it has dog-specific access to Lake Sixteen- no leashes required.

Only dogs can swim in the water, and the park authorities have even built docks and ramps to make it easier for dogs of all sizes to get in and out of the water. If your dog enjoys the water, they will love taking a swim and splashing around with other dogs at Orion Oaks.

If your dog is less into getting wet, there are several dog-friendly trails, as well as a large picnic area where you and your pup can enjoy lunch or an after-exercise snack. The park even has modern bathrooms that are open to the public, so you can spend an entire day exploring the park! To keep things safe, all dogs that enter the park must have up-to-date vaccinations, and they must be able to respond to voice commands.

The park authorities even host many dog-specific events on weekends, like dog and owner meetups, mobile vaccination clinics, and even charity BBQs that help raise money for local animal shelters. Overall, it is a great place to spend the day with your dog!

Kruse Park Dog Beach – Dog-Friendly Beach and Boardwalk
3205 W. Sherman Blvd.
Muskegon, Michigan

beagle puppy playing with frisbee outdoor on beach

This park offers over a mile of dog-friendly beaches along the coast of Lake Michigan. The park features rolling sand dunes and stunning views of the water. You will also find dog-friendly boardwalks and beach ramps.

The whole park is open to dogs, but they must remain on a leash while walking along the boardwalk or exploring the main picnic areas and beaches. With that said, there is a dog-specific beach area where dogs are allowed to enjoy some off-leash beach fun.

In addition to beach and boardwalk strolls, the park also offers exciting nature trails and several overlooks, all of which are available to leashed dogs. There is plenty of parking, as well as public restrooms.

If you and your dog enjoy the sunshine, sand, and sound of the Lake Michigan shoreline, you will not want to miss out on everything Kruse Park Dog Beach has to offer!

Paw Run Recreation Area – Private Off-Leash Dog Park and Dog-Friendly Trails

6886 Zeeb Rd.
Dexter, Michigan

Paw Run Recreation Area is a privately owned off-leash dog park located just 10 miles away from downtown Ann Arbor. It offers 18 acres worth of fenced-in play areas and dog trails. While there are plenty of mowed play areas and even a manicured agility yard, most of the park remains in a natural state, so it is a perfect place to go on a fun nature walk.

Each access point features a secure, double-gated entry system, so you will not have to worry about your pup running off. There is plenty of seating available for each dog’s human companion. The park is also dotted with water fountains for both humans and dogs.

Since Paw Run is privately owned and only available to members, your pup will have to pass a temperament test before they are allowed in. All dog owners must show proof of vaccinations for their dogs, which ensures the safety of all dogs in the park.

Every dog entering the park must be tested for temperament, making Paw Run a very safe place for dogs to socialize. The owners are so dedicated to protecting the safety of their members that any dog that displays unacceptable behavior towards another dog or human in the park will be banned from returning.

There is also a man-made pond designed to give dogs a place to swim and splash around. If a grassy and natural play area where your dog can enjoy countless hours of off-leash fun sounds appealing to you, you may want to look into a membership at Paw Run Recreation Area!

Final Words

Break the routine of neighborhood walks and start exploring your home state with your trusty canine companion. While the dog-friendly trails, beaches, and parks listed above are a great place to start, the state of Michigan offers plenty of other exciting adventures for dogs and their parents.

While you are exploring your state, consider visiting some of our favorite small pet businesses in Michigan. And don’t forget that our veterinarians are available wherever you are, whenever you need us. To prepare for your next big adventure, download the free Hello Ralphie app for quick access to veterinary care on the go.

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