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Hello Ralphie, Hello Vettie​

Ready to help us innovate a new veterinary experience?

Vet·ties / vĕt′ēs / (= vets & vet techs + techie)

A collaborative community of tech-embracing veterinary experts on a mission to help pets access quality veterinary advice and care so pets can thrive and pet-parents have peace of mind. 

Who we are

Animated CellPhone with Hello Ralphie Logo to Call a 24hour Vet

Hello Ralphie is a pet’s "veterinary professional on speed dial". No more playing phone tag, decrypting relayed messages, or waiting to be seen. Vetties are connected directly to a pet parent via video, call, or chat to lend an ear, provide reassurance, and offer solutions when needed most.

Animated Hello Ralphie Vettie with Coral Hello Ralphie Logo

Hello Ralphie is looking for exceptional Vetties to join our team in delivering and defining best-in-class virtual veterinary care and advice while having fun and empowering each other along the journey.

"As someone who feels very passionate about educating owners about their pets' health needs, I feel that Hello Ralphie has given me the perfect platform for this type of interaction. I love when pet parents will get a pen/paper and take notes during the consultation! I also love that a lot of clients will send pictures and a thorough description/timeline of their concerns when scheduling the appointment so I can meet them fully prepared to help."

Hello Ralphie Online Vet Dr. Candace Bittner

- Dr. Candice Bittner

What we offer

We are a unique veterinary experience, offering a unique career experience for our Vetties.

Control your schedule

And your life! Night owl? Early bird? Mountains or ocean? We have work for Vetties when and where they want it.

Grow professionally

Direct mentorship, coaching, and best practice guidelines ensure Vetties achieve their professional goals in virtual care.

Strive for excellence

Quarterly journal club and newsletters from our network of experts keeps Vetties abreast of the latest and greatest in virtual care.

Give back

A portion of every Vettie consultation is given to help an animal in need, supporting our philosophy that all pets should get the care they deserve.

Foster team culture

We get to know names, faces, and pets.With virtual team dinners, happy hours, and more, we want every Vettie to feel part of our community.

Work Happy

Happy Vettie = delighted pet parent = tickled pink kitten noses. We welcome Vetties’ feedback on how to keep their tails wagging.

"After struggling to access veterinary care for my cat, Tiffany, who had a chronic illness that required frequent visits, I decided to create Hello Ralphie to help other pet parents access veterinary care from the comfort of their pets' homes."

Hello Ralphie Founder Felicity with a Dog

- Felicity Johnson


Questions before applying? Contact us at

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