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Hello Ralphie Online Vet Dr. Steven Radbill

Dr. Steven Radbill

Dr. Steven M. Radbill, V.M.D., has been working as a veterinarian in the Philadelphia area since he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1975, and is loved by his clients and his patients alike. He has been at Radbill Animal Hospital since 1980.

Dr. Samantha McLaughlin

Dr. Samantha McLaughlin

Dr. Samantha McLaughlin graduated from veterinary school from Oklahoma State University in 2008 after getting an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2004. She has practiced in both corporate and private clinics for the past 13 years. Dr. McLaughlin has a special interest in feline and preventive medicine. She currently has three cats, two mice and a big mixed breed puppy! She enjoys travel, reading, hiking and spending time with her husband and two children.

Leland Scott

Dr. Leland Scott

Dr. Leland Scott earned his BA in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro before working as a photographer and graphic designer. After several years, he decided a career change was in order and graduated with his DVM from North Carolina State University in 2018. His veterinary interests include preventative medicine, dentistry/oral health, avian medicine (specifically birds of prey rehabilitation), toxicology, and public health/epidemiology. In his free time he appreciates long walks, hiking, camping, exploring local wineries, crafting, and spending time with his 2 dogs.

Hello Ralphie Online Vet Dr. Samara Parker

Dr. Sam Parker

Dr. Sam Parker graduated from Atlantic Veterinary College at Canada’s University of Prince Edward Island. She has worked in a variety of practices including: mixed animal, small animal, and exotic pets handling both daytime appointments and overnight emergencies. She has even worked a few rodeos and a cat show. The small animal practices have ranged from high volume fast-paced work to concierge-style medicine focused on extensive client communication. Dr. Parker currently works as a relief veterinarian serving practices across different states, as well offering telehealth appointments.

Hello Ralphie Online Vet Dr. Tracy Williams

Dr. Tracy Williams

Dr. Tracy Williams graduated from veterinary school in 2003 and worked in mixed animal practices for 7 years while owning a small animal clinic. She currently works as a relief veterinarian and volunteers with a group that sends veterinarians all around the world to assist with animal care. She has consulted on cases in over 30 countries, teaching informative classes and performing veterinary services in areas most in need.

Dr. Cameron Jones

Dr. Cameron Jones

Dr. Cameron Jones is a small animal practitioner who has been practicing Veterinary Medicine since 1999. She felt her calling on her fourth birthday when she received a Fisher-Price, Doctor bag, and a stuffed dog. She draped the plastic stethoscope across her neck and set to bandaging Roscoe’s furry leg. Pets and their relationship with their human family inspires her to be the best veterinarian that she can be. Her practice does not stop in the exam room, she researches their problems and their parent’s questions when she is not in the exam room as well. It is an important responsibility, but she has a lot of fun in the process. She views the success of her practice as a team effort with her clients. When she is not treating and loving on her patients or researching the latest medical advances, she spends her time playing Mom to her amazing teenaged son, and her two frisky pups, Happy and Chewie. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking, baking, yoga, hula-hooping!

Mary Swartz

Dr. Mary Swartz

Dr. Mary Swartz graduated from Oklahoma State University Veterinary School in 2009, after receiving Bachelor's degrees in both animal science and zoology also from Oklahoma State. Over the past 12 years she has practiced in a variety of clinical settings ranging from private to corporate practice and small animal to equine. She has also been certified in veterinary chiropractic and acupuncture for the past 10 years. She loves to educate clients about their pet's health and help develop a plan that works for both the pet and the pet parent. She operates her own chiropractic and acupuncture house call practice in Oklahoma for all species. In her spare time she loves being on the water and spending time with her 3 hound dogs and horses.

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Dr. Kathleen Kivi

For the past few years, I’ve lived in Buffalo, New York. I was born in San Diego, California and spent my years “growing up” in Colorado, Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee. I attended Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, receiving my Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. In pursuit of my veterinary goals, I ended up in Toronto, Ontario and acquired my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. After graduation, I spent 14 years working in small animal practice in Toronto. During that time, I also ran my own mobile horse practice and worked as a relief veterinarian at a few local emergency clinics. My experience extends beyond dogs, cats and horses, to include rabbits, pocket pets, and some reptiles, too! My affinity for all animals, their welfare, and the people who love them is strong and enduring. The interaction with patients and their families is my favorite part of veterinary medicine. As an advocate for animals, the ability to be a source of knowledge and compassionate care was a main reason I pursued a career in veterinary medicine. Enhancing the human-animal bond by providing dedicated care, quality medicine, knowledge, and a deep understanding of families and their pet’s needs is my ultimate goal. Outside of my time in Buffalo, I have a daughter, Allison, and son, Matthew, that still live in the Toronto area. We are together every chance we get, usually at the hockey arena. I also have four furry kids of my own.

Dr. Bona Yu

Dr. Bona Yu

Dr. Bona Yu graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2017. Since graduation, she has worked as a small animal clinician while also completing her Masters in Public Health from the University of Minnesota in 2020. She loves to travel and if she can combine her passion for veterinary medicine with it, all the better! When she traveled to Madagascar, she volunteered with an animal welfare group to provide free veterinary care including critical rabies vaccinations for many dogs and cats of local communities. She has a singing escape-artist husky as well as a nosy hyperactive Red Heeler.

Dr. Shannon Indoe

Dr. Shannon Indoe

Dr. Shannon Indoe graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in psychology before attending the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. She graduated Cornell in 2001 and returned to the Charlottesville, VA area to practice equine medicine. After several years of working with horses and some years spent raising her children she returned to veterinary medicine as a small animal practitioner. Dr. Indoe is interested in preventative medicine, the human-animal bond, and a holistic approach to disease processes. She recently completed a veterinary acupuncture course through Chi University and looks forward to incorporating aspects of Eastern medicine into pet health and wellbeing. Dr. Indoe enjoys spending time with 2 children, dog, cat and pony. In her spare time she restores antique chair seats, knits and quilts.

Sara Goldstein

Dr. Sara Goldstein

Dr. Sara Goldstein is a graduate from the University of Connecticut in Molecular & Cellular Biology (minor in Chemistry) and was part of the UCONN Equestrian Team for 4 years. She then pursued her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine and completed it in 2012. Prior to her career starting with Banfield Pet Hospital in October 2013, Sara Goldstein completed an Equine internship at Chino Valley Equine Hospital in Medicine and Surgery. Once at Banfield Pet Hospital she has received excellent communication and leadership training, which allowed her to advance within the organization from Associate Veterinarian to Chief of Staff. Sara Goldstein is now taking on new adventures and working independently. She is passionate about being a Fear Free Veterinarian, high quality veterinary care, the human-animal bond, and mental health within the veterinary profession. She is known as being very approachable and inclusive. In her free time, she loves photography & being outdoors. She shares her life with her significant other and 3 kitties – Shadow, Little Guy, and Albert!

Dr. Brett Catington

Dr. Brett Catington

Dr. Brett Catington was born in Ohio, but has lived in Springfield, Virginia for most of his life. Fascinated by all sorts of animals from a young age, his dream to become a veterinarian led him to Virginia Tech, where he graduated in 2016. Following this, he attended the University of Illinois for veterinary school, where he graduated in 2020. Dr. Catington’s professional interests include preventive care, fully believing that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and promoting education to support clients and their pets. In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights (and readily admits he needs more cardio), and being anywhere near water.

Justina Supria

Dr. Justina Supria

Dr. Justina Supria graduated from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015 and completed a rotating internship at Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington, DC. She has worked in small animal emergency and general practice. Dr. Supria has a passion for pain management, preventive care, and client education. When not working, she spends her time with the boys (her husband, son, and fur baby) enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. She is excited and ready to help address the needs of your fur babies.

Erica Scheier

Dr. Erica Scheier

Dr. Erica Scheier is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. She started her career in Hoboken, NJ in 1998. After moving multiple times with her husband (a college football coach) and her 4 children, she returned to Hoboken when her husband got a job coaching at Rutgers University. Dr. Scheier keeps busy with her menagerie of pets including a pot bellied pig, a dog, 8 cats, a duck, a cocktail and Kramer the talking cockatoo.

Dr. Carla Rodrigues

Dr. Carla Rodrigues

Dr. Carla Rodrigues is a proud Portuguese-American, born and raised in Northern New Jersey. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Ross University in Saint Kitts. While there and after vet school, she immersed herself in large animal medicine and exotics, working alongside monkeys, sea turtles, birds, reptiles and more! She spent time in Minnesota, California, and North Carolina before moving to Jacksonville four years ago. Recently, Dr. Rodrigues has focused on exploring the world of alternative medicine, completing certifications in Reiki Energy Healing, Canine Rehabilitation at University of Tennessee and Veterinary Acupuncture at the Chi Institute. She has a true passion for helping restore comfort and function to her patients. She shares her home with her rescue mutts Stella and Jackson.

Dr. Cariann Turbeville

Dr. Cariann Turbeville

Dr. Cariann Turbeville has worked in small animal practices throughout the Midwest, South, and Pacific Northwest since graduating in 1999. After spending 14 years in private practice performing general medicine and surgery, she joined the Community Practice team at the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for 7 years. She supervised veterinary students as they saw a wide variety of cases and loved the teaching aspect of her job. She has developed special interests in dog and cat nutrition and parasitology. Currently, she is working as a relief veterinarian and enjoying the diversity it provides. In her spare time, she is an avid kayaker and hiker.

Dr. Kimberly B Washington

Dr. Kimberly B. Washington

Dr. Kimberly B. Washington graduated from veterinary school at Oklahoma State University in 2012. She started as a relief vet in shelter and small animal medicine. She then moved to the Dallas-Ft Worth area, where everyone seemed to have a pet! She continues to do relief work, and is licensed to practice in Texas and Oklahoma. Being in the southwest, she spends a good chunk of her workdays addressing skin, ear, eye, and GI issues, along with internal medicine, orthopedic, and emergency cases. Clients often note her ability to be thorough. Ultimately, Dr. Washington desires to empower clients to provide good care for their pets.

Dr. Sarah Korf

Dr. Sarah Korf

Dr. Sarah Korf graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA in 2013. She completed an internship in Emergency and Critical Care medicine at Las Vegas Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. She has a particular love of cats and finds meaning in advocating for cat wellness and well being. She has had experience working in after-hours emergency, feline-only practice and general day-time practice with both dogs and cats. She plans to pursue further education in Data Analytics to contribute to the understanding and technological growth of veterinary medicine and research. She currently cohabitates peacefully with 3 indoor-only cats in Washington State.

Dr. Charles Moley

Dr. Charles Moley

Dr. Charles Moley was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Miami, then travelled back to his home state to attend Veterinary School at the University of Missouri. In his free time, Charles enjoys fly fishing, playing guitar and piano, and taking long walks with his wife, Lauren, and their dogs, Nelson and Mia.