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We are on a mission to make pet care more accessible & stress-free

Being a pet parent brings endless joy to our lives, but it is not without its frustrations. 

Taking your pet to receive veterinary care can be time consuming, inconvenient, and stressful

Felicity, our founder, struggled with this reality when her cat Tiffany was diagnosed with cancer and needed regular veterinary care and checkups. Felicity had to request to work from home and take time off during the day to take Tiffany to the vet. What made things more difficult was that Tiffany was incredibly scared when going to the vet. The minute she saw the carrier, she would hide under the bed. 

While in-person visits are absolutely necessary for some veterinary care, we believe that some of this care can be given outside of a veterinary practice. 

Hello Ralphie wants to help pets receive stress-free care that is convenient & affordable for pet parents. 

Hello Ralphie connects pet parents with veterinarians for video and chat appointments. Through our platform, pet parents can connect with a US licensed veterinarian via video or chat appointments. 

We want to connect you with a veterinarian in whichever way you feel most comfortable. 

You can request an appointment through our website or by downloading our iOS app, Hello Ralphie, from the Apple App Store. 

Our mission is to help pet parents access virtual veterinary appointments so that pets are able to receive the care that the need, when they need it.

Tiffany - grey tabby
Tiffany: the inspiration for Hello Ralphie

We Paw It Forward, Giving Back To Pets That Are In Need

Hello Ralphie was founded on the desire to help all pets live healthier, happier lives with their families. To fulfill our mission, Hello Ralphie partners with hard-working animal welfare organizations dedicated to helping less fortunate pets find safe and loving homes.

Giving back to our community is important. A portion of every Hello Ralphie appointment fee is donated to pet rescue organizations. We believe that consistent, monthly donations help these amazing organizations do their best work in helping pets in need.

Providence Animal Shelter Logo

Providence Animal Center

Media, PA

Arizona Humane Society

Phoenix, AZ

SPCA International

Global Animal Rescue

Wailuku, HI

Hello Ralphie veterinarians have helped thousands of pets...

...supported by this team of pet parents & animal advocates

Felicity Johnson with a dog

Felicity Johnson, Founder

Marcie with a Kitten

Marcie Grube, Social Media Manager

Kaylee and Jerry

Kaylee Gates, Head of Marketing

Erin and her dog

Erin Raley,
Customer Support

Denise and cat

Denise Lott,
Customer Support

Emily Brown with dog

Emily Brown,

Vet icon with Hello Ralphie logo

Madison White,
Customer Support

Wiley, the dog

Chief Fetch Officer