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The Do’s & Don’ts of Setting Up Your Dog’s House Outside

Dog in dog house

Does your dog love spending time outside, even when it’s freezing? Some dogs seem to not feel the cold, or are so excited by being outside that they’d prefer to stay outside in the cold rather than come inside. There are many different breeds of dogs that were bred to do certain jobs, such as livestock dogs, like the Great Pyrenees and the Anatolian Shepherd which help to herd sheep. Because of the nature of their job, they have been acclimated to live in certain environments and have developed preferences as to where they would enjoy spending most of their time. If you have a dog that loves spending most of their time outside, a fenced outdoor kennel with a dog house are important things to invest in to keep your dog safe during their time outside.

Dog running outside

Why are dog houses placed outside instead of inside?

The purpose for having a dog house outside is for your dog to be able to escape the elements, like if it starts to rain or snow, and so that they have a place to rest where they feel protected. Ideally, the area where you place the dog house should be away from the sun and in the shade if possible, even on cold days. It’s harder for your dog to find shade outside if it’s a hot day, so having that dog house will come in handy for them to have a cool place to escape to and prevent them from getting overheated. On days when it’s cold outside, having that dog house will be their shelter to keep warm and protect them from cold chilly winds. In the winter season for extra warmth, you can also place bedding in and around your dog’s house, such as pine or cedar bedding to give your dog extra insulation and comfort. It is not advised to place any blankets, towels, or linen in their outdoor dog house even if you believe your dog won’t chew on them, because there are always things our puppers do behind our backs!

Dog house in the shade

Additional Reminders for your Dog's House Outside

As always, please keep an unlimited supply of water to your dog during their stay at their outside resort, no matter the weather, and limit their time outside during extremely hot and cold days. Your dog may have extra layers of fur, but they can still be exposed to heat stroke or hypothermia.

If you still have questions about whether or not you should have a dog house outside, or how to make sure that it is best designed for your pup, please schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

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