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Celebrating Small Pet Businesses Across the State of Oklahoma

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At Hello Ralphie, we have the utmost respect for small pet businesses that love animals like we do and offer them the high-quality care they deserve. In most cases, locally-owned pet businesses are staffed by animal lovers that have a genuine passion for animal welfare.

Not only do these smaller businesses offer personalized care and pet supplies you can trust as a pet owner, their owners and staff are also members of the communities they serve. If you are someone that enjoys supporting local, we are here to help! We have highlighted just a few of the small pet businesses in the state of Oklahoma that we believe deserve some recognition!

The Best Small Pet Businesses Across the State of Oklahoma

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Lucky Dog Lodge – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
420 N.W. 70th St.
Oklahoma City, OK

Lucky Dog Lodge was founded in 2001 to provide a safe, clean, and fun boarding environment where people could feel at ease leaving their beloved pets. The owner has over 30 years of experience in the animal welfare industry, and the business continues to be family-owned and operated.

The name suggests that Lucky Dog Lodge is a dog-only boarding facility, but it also offers high-quality boarding and daycare services for cats. They also offer grooming and bathing services for both cats and dogs, so your pet can come home looking better than ever before!

What we liked most about Lucky Dog Lodge is its commitment to providing dogs and cats with a stimulating, fun environment. They have safe and fenced-in outdoor play areas for dogs, as well as plenty of toys for pups and kittens to play with.

Another highlight is that it serves its own Lucky Dog cuisine to its canine guests, a premium dry kibble combined with warm chicken stock and rice mixture. If your pet is on a specialized or prescribed diet, they will also serve any food you bring. As a bonus, they also provide a healthy and delicious bedtime treat for all of their guests!

Overall, this daycare and overnight boarding facility is excellent and staffed by knowledgeable and passionate individuals. Whether you just need someone to look after your furry family member while you are at work, or you are planning a vacation and need overnight boarding, the Lucky Dog Lodge should be at the top of your list!

Patty & Terrie’s Pet Grooming – Tulsa, Oklahoma
6022 S. Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK

Whether you own a dog or a cat, Patty & Terrie’s Pet Grooming is a great option if you are looking for high-quality grooming services. Their friendly and professional staff have over 50 years of pet grooming experience, so they know how to properly care for your beloved pet.

If you schedule your pet for a full grooming session, they will shampoo, massage, blow-dry, and hand brush your dog or cat before they even begin cutting their fur! They also offer nail trimming services, so your furry friend can get the full head-to-toe treatment. Their ear cleaning service is also really helpful, especially if your dog or cat regularly suffers from ear infections and other ear-related issues.

cat playing with dog outdoor on green grass during day time

What we like about Patty & Terrie’s is that they also offer day boarding services, which can be helpful for anyone with a busy schedule. You can drop your pet off in the morning and pick them up clean and groomed after you finish work.

Pawtopia Pet Nutritionist – Norman, Oklahoma
360 24th Ave. N.W.
Norman, OK

Pawtopia is an independent pet supply store based out of Norman, Oklahoma. While they specialize in supplying healthy and nutritious dog foods for all breeds and life stages, they also offer high-quality dog toys, supplements, natural dental chews, treats, and even certain types of cat food.

Aside from the friendly service and knowledgeable staff, something we really like about Pawtopia is its passion for finding homes for local shelter dogs and cats. They regularly host adoption events for local rescue pet groups and shelters and have genuine and obvious respect for animals and the local community. For all these reasons and more, Pawtopia is deeply loved by its regular customers.

As a bonus, they even have a self-serve dog bathing area, which is a big hit with local dog owners. They also have a unique ‘chew bar’ that offers a variety of natural dog chews. If you are looking for highly nutritious pet food that you can trust, you will struggle to find a pet food store that offers friendlier service than Pawtopia. There is a reason why they market themselves as your pet’s nutritionist!

BONE Dog Boutique and Self-Serve Dog Wash – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
100 N.E. 2nd St.
Oklahoma City, OK

BONE Dog Boutique & Self-Serve Dog Wash is a one-stop shop for dog owners in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It offers only the best dog toys, treats, and supplements, as well as a wide variety of nutritious and biologically appropriate dog foods.

Its friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find everything your pooch needs, and the downtown location is perfect for anyone that lives within the city. This hip boutique is more than just a standard pet supply store. It offers natural dog foods that are difficult to find anywhere else and even sells freshly baked dog treats that will have your pooch wagging its tail like never before.

As you could probably gather from the name, it also offers a self-serve dog wash, which makes it easy to give your messy pup a good scrubbing. The fact there is a dog park next door, as well as a variety of dog-friendly restaurants and patios nearby, means BONE Dog Boutique is simply too good to miss.

Final Words

Supporting small businesses is key to ensuring a local economy thrives, and we believe it is even more important when dealing with pet-related businesses. Not only do these smaller businesses offer more personalized care, but they are also dedicated to servicing their community and the animals in them.

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