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Heartworms 101: Danger, Prevention, and Treatment

Heartworms are parasites that infect both dogs and cats. If left untreated, these parasites cause major health issues for pets and even result in death. When a mosquito bites an animal, it can transmit heartworm larvae into a pet’s bloodstream through capillaries in the skin. While blood flows through the heart, the larvae settle there and become adult heartworms. What Happens When a Pet Gets Heartworms? Adult heartworms cause havoc in a pet’s body. When heartworms live in a pet’s heart, the heart becomes filled with worms. These worms reproduce and release larvae into the bloodstream, continuing the parasites’ lifecycle.
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Pet Heartworm Prevention

Written by Dr. Tracy Williams, DVM What are heartworms? How do you prevent your pet from getting heartworms? Dr. Williams, a Hello Ralphie veterinarian, walks pet parents through what heartworms are and pet heartworm prevention tips. What are Heartworms? Heartworms are parasites that take up residence in the heart and lung tissue of your pet. Veterinarians know of heartworm infections in dogs, cats, and even in ferrets. This is very scary disease and can cause irreversible damage to the heart and lungs of a pet, but the good news there are a lot of ways to prevent your pet from