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Tech for Your Pets: Fitness and Location Trackers

pet with tech

One of the big new trends with humans is fitness trackers. Many of us are wearing Apple

Watches, Fitbits, etc. which track our steps, calls, and even sleep. These help us see if we are moving enough, sleeping enough, and can even help us find lost phones. 

Like humans, pets could use a hand at keeping track of what is going on in their lives. Technology now allows us to keep up with our pets more easily. 

There are now new little gadgets that we can attach to our pet’s collars that help keep up Fido. These little canine trackers will track where your pup is, how many steps they are taking, how much they are lounging, and where they are. 

Fitness Trackers for Your Pet

With more and more people getting new pups and more people heading back to the office in the last few months, it’s hard to tell if our pups are getting enough exercise. Knowing how active your dog is during the day is very helpful when trying to help your pup lose weight or keep lean and muscular. 

There are not any specific number of steps but rather you should aim for your pup to get at least 30 minutes of a day of activity. Younger dogs and dogs who practice sports like agility, hunting, etc. will probably need more, some may need as much as 2 hours a day or more. 

If you are unsure how much your dog needs, talk with your vet about your dog’s age, lifestyle, etc. 

A virtual appointment would be a great tool to help you assess your dog’s activity and lifestyle and how to get them healthier and keep them happier. 

dog running

Location Trackers for Your Pet

Location trackers are also an amazing tool. They can help with dogs who dart out of the door or escape pens outside, as well as dogs who are allowed to roam such as out in the country on several acres. 

Some of these come with apps for your phone that show where your pup is while others have a remote that beeps to show how close or far you are from your pup. 

Hunting dogs have used these for ages since they usually go ahead of their owners, but they can be helpful for some of our smallest friends (even cats!).

cat with GPS collar

How Could a Fitness or Location Tracker Help Your Pet?

Whether you’re looking to track your pup’s exercise routine or keep your cat safe by tracking their location, there is new tech emerging every day to help you keep up with your pet. 

A new fitness or location tracker could be the perfect tech tool for you to try. Speak with a veterinarian to discuss which tech tool is best for your pet’s needs. 

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